Wednesday, 22 Sep 2021
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SteelSeries Siberia V3 Headset – Is It Really That Good?

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  1. are there any steelseries that have good mics? I have v2 and love the audio and there comforting padding but I was wanting to see if there's a steelseries that are good overall with everything

  2. V2 sucked donkey dick. Anyone who says they were good haven't listened to quality sound before. I bought the V2 when the hype was going and I returned them two days later to the store as I thought they were broken. Got a new pair and it was exactly the same.. Now I see the V3 is just another shitty overpriced headset. Never. Steelseries. Ever. Again.

  3. Can someone here help me please cause i can't the color of my steelseries. I already download the engine 3 and whenever i plugged in my usb cable it didnt detect it.

  4. I don't know which steel series headset I have, it's the glowing one,
    It has great sounds, but it's very heavy, every time I take it off, my ear aches badly, it's like someone's been squeezing it.
    Grip as you may say.
    Most uncomfortable headset I ever bought, I want to replace it =_=

    There is a huge problem with the headset, a lot of people are having a huge sound leak which means that other people can hear everything what you're playing through your mic.

  6. the microphone thing doesnt even work for me lol. it doesnt work to talk in skype and stuff. ive literally plugged the headset everywhere and nobody can hear me on skype calls.

  7. I have a question. i use this headset but i dont understand how i can update my drivers and get full use out of my headset. now i can't use my 7.1 stuff i only have a left and right side.. please help me?

  8. i bought this headset for about 2 weeks ago, the right ear is already broken making cracking noises on gun shots,bass in music e.t.c. they cost 85$ in sweden, this is the worst headset i've ever used. the sound sound really bad and the your head must be like a baby becuase it does NOT fit my head at all. worst headset by steelseries -Envision

  9. i just bought the steelseries siberia 650 yesterday and i'm already of thinking of returning them to the store… the sound is horible for the price they cost i mean i had better sound and mic quality from headsets below 50€ i tried the classics updating drivers reinstalling them changing settings ect nothing seems to work it stays bad sound quality . even the volume is messed up , when i turn the volume all the way down to 0 for the first 20% i turn it back up nothing changes in sound or volume. when i go little higher i can hear a sound increase only in my left side lets say this is at 25% open. then at 30% i can hear the right side starting to play at almost the same volume as the left side and so on till i max it out in volume on 100% even then i had headsets that gave me the same volume and quality on only like 20% open . Atm i'm using the 650 all the way open in volume just to somehow understand people .the 7.1 sounds like crap basicly a speaker in a hallway to amp up some sound . so unless i'm doing something wrong have some setting messed up , drivers corrupted i have no idea what else i can try this pc is about 1 year old and i spend over 1500€ on the case so i'm sure i got what i need to play this in optimal state its just not doing it if you have any help idea's or info that can help me i would love to hear it so feel free to contact me . i'm gonna keep this headset till monday since the stores are closed due some vacation but if i dont find a fix by then i'm returning them . the mic quality is fine from what i hear from people on Raidcall mumble and Skype . and i did have a tic sound in my headset but after updating all my drivers i no longer hear it . also i mostly play MMORPG games so if these headsets are made for shooter games only .no music ,video's ,rpg games ect then why doesnt it clearly say on the box SHOOTERS ONLY would save alot of people tons of issues ,time and not working google solutions my rating for the 650 would be 2/10 simple becuz of how expensive they are compared to alot of other headsets and quality of them if this was a 40€ headset id be giving it a 9.9/10 cuz you cant expect a miracle for 40€ btw anyone have any other idea's for another headset if i'm to return the 650

  10. you should do a recommendation video, a selection of the best, compare them and list what each excels at. Been trying to find a great pair of gaming headset, currently have the Astro A40's but from what I am finding out they are not the greatest and are overpriced.

  11. Warning to buyers for the vsn3. If you have a big head like me or a smaller than average head like my friend you will not like these headphones. Very uncomfortable and I'm returning them. Its a damn shame though because they are comfortable as hell says my average sized head friend lol also the prism is a sexy headset if you stream lol

  12. My left ear speaker is now busted after only 6 months of use, I am a bit disappointed =/. It'll make weird choppy sounds whenever there is a deep sound.


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